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corporate branding

Brand identity and corporate branding services

Graphic Design

Branding is key to a successful marketing strategy

Branding identity plays an important role in defining your company from your competitors. We get to know more about you and your company, then begin to create and design a name, slogan and/or symbol, or a combination of the latter that identifies your product(s) and differentiates them from your competitor���s products.

Branding identity is how you want your consumers to perceive your brand. Remember, first impressions can either make or break a business deal. You want your consumers to crave and remember your product. Our designers will be sure to entice them with a name, slogan, or symbol that will keep them coming back for more of your product.


WG Studios creates a variety of advertisements and print material. We design images and create slogans on all kinds of print, direct mail, and direct marketing materials such as: postcards, window ads, billboards, vehicle wraps, magazine ads, brochures, flyers, and catalogs. WG Studios offers a variety of sizes and styles for all of your printing material needs. All print material is designed in 300 dpi, ensuring optimum printing quality.

Logo Design

WG Studios creates logos for company branding. Logo design includes: business card, letterhead and envelope, as well as your corporate usage manual. Our graphic designers stay up to date on the current market trends and consumer behavior. All of our logos are designed in hi-resolution for print, and low resolution for web. Click on our portfolio to see some of the logos that our designers have so meticulously designed.

Product Design

When it comes to product design, our designers are talented at conceptualizing what it is that you want and making it tangible through product design. We have some of the best designers; who are great at visualizing and analyzing information and in creating a product design that will be recognizable for years to come.

Label Design

WG Studios designs labels that can go on the product packaging or on the product itself. We ensure that each label we design is created and fitted specifically for the product you sell, or designed especially for the product packaging. Our labels can come in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles. All labels are designed in 300 dpi for optimum printing quality.

Product Packaging

WG Studios takes pride in designing product packaging that informs, sells, and protects your product. We design product packaging in such a way, that it will stay in the minds of your customers, something that will be unforgettable and that will define your specific product. WG Studios product packaging is created in a variety of sizes, and shapes to fit your product's design and your product's purpose.

Corporate Signage

WG Studios��� design team is here to help you design custom corporate signage. Your corporate signage is your company���s face to the community. We ensure that your corporate signage is designed to be recognizable. WG Studios creates custom corporate signage for small businesses, medium businesses, large businesses, and national companies.

Corporate Communication

WG Studios designs corporate communication based on your needs. We design everything from power point presentations, posters, flyers, you name it we create it; that your company may need for a corporate presentation, or for creating company awareness of an upcoming event or project.