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  1. Go to www.tumblr.com and click on Login, then enter your email account and Tumblr password.
  2. Once Logged in you can create posts. Here are the different ways to do it.
    • A. Text A text post consists of plain text. Images, hyperlinks, videos, and some HTML-based widgets can be added. The raw HTML of the post can be edited.
    • B. Photo A photo post consists of a single image with accompanied by a brief description. Photos can be uploaded from your PC, or you can use the URL of an image already on the web.
    • C. Quote A quote post consists of title text (the quote) and a single line of body text (citing the origin of the quote).
    • D. Link A link post consists entirely of a single piece of descriptive text, which is linked to the website or webpage being described.
    • E. Audio An audio post consists of a single .mp3 file (be it a music track, podcast etc), which can be played via a Flash music player. Only one audio post is permitted daily.
    • F. Video A video post consists of an embedded video, which can be uploaded from your PC, or imported from websites such as YouTube or Vimeo.
  3. You can create a text post.
  4. Or you can create a photo post.
  5. Done! Now you can see the posts in your blog